Hamming it up for Christmas

Sometimes it can be hard to know just how much ham, you might need. With that in mind our good friends at Andrew's Choice have written up this simple guide.

Ham on the bone
7-8kg Serves up to 14 people
8-9kg Serves up to 16 people
9-10kg Serves up to 18 people
10kg+ Serves 20 people +

Half ham on the bone
4-5kg Serves up to 8 people
5kg Serves up to 12 people

Aumanns At Warrandyte have a great selection of hams from the award winning Andrews Choice. Their hams are made using only the finest 100% Australian Pork, traditional recipes, authentic herbs and spices and the age old art of curing and smoking. Each and every product is hand crafted by artisan charcutiers before being cooked and smoked naturally with German Beechwood. Come in, ask for a taste. You won't be disappointed.


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